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16 Affordable Home Decor Ideas to Bring a Summer Vibe to Your Home

how to bring summer into your home decor

Summer is officially just around the corner and it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine! It’s also a perfect excuse to bring some of that summer sunshine and light inside our homes too. Why not keep the party going after you come home?

You don’t have to break the bank to add a touch of summer to your home decor. You want to keep it affordable and easy because that’s what summer is all about isn’t it?

I know your guests will appreciate having a touch of sunshine inside when they come home from a long day at the beach or by the lake too.

So let’s get started.

Here’s 16 affordable ways to refresh and soften your home decor just in time for summer:

  1. Let’s start with your entry. If you have an interior porch or entry way why not swap out dark pillows or throws with lighter softer versions. Change up your wreath to something green or white. summer entry wayPerhaps a wreath decorated with faux lemons. A seashell wreath would be lovely if you live next to the coast! Small bay trees in pots can also bring the outdoors in.bay plant on patio
  2. While we’re in the entry, don’t forget to take down any past seasonal decor, lighting, wreathes or garlands! Make way for something fresh and summery instead.
  3. Change out those dark color pillows or pillow covers. From your front porch to your family room, it’s easy to put away dark colored pillows and replace them with lighter colors and fabrics. Invest in some new pillow covers for a really quick affordable update. Dunelm, Pottery Barn and West Elm are good places to start browsing.
    summer pillow

    Samurai Ripples Cushion – West Elm

    summer cushions

    Water Color Cushions – West Elm

  4. Got dark oriental or patterned rugs on your floors? Roll up those area rugs and either leave your floors bare and or replace the rugs with a lighter sisal or natural woven rug. Look for these on, Wayfair and Dunelm.

    summer rug

    Chunky jute rug – Dunelm

  5. Replace your accessories throughout your home with lighter versions. For example, dark heavy candlesticks could be replaced by glass candlesticks, vases or containers filled with shells or botanicals. It’s so easy to find tall glass canisters online or in your neighborhood kitchenware shop. I found this one is on Wayfair

    glass apothecary jars

    Glass apothecary jars – Wayfair

  6. Why not take down your heavy drapes and valances. They come in handy to keep out the winter cold, but if we’re trying to let all the light in let’s just replace them with a lighter neutral color drape for the summer. If you have a sheer curtain or blind behind your drapes, just leave those up for the summer. summer curtains
  7. Got any artificial florals or plants dotted around the house? Give them a good shake or dusting. Take them outside and use a feather duster for delicate stems and a paintbrush for any leaves. You can even try your vacuum’s upholstery brush to gently hoover up any dust from branches and pots. Why not swap out and replace the seasonal florals you have with easy to care for live house plants such as ferns and orchids?summer orchid If you’re not confident about your house plant skills, why not try one of these fabulous fakes?

    fiddle leaf fig

    Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig – West Elm

  8. Rethink your bookcases and shelving. How can you lighten up the look? One way is to just edit what’s stored on them. What can you take out that doesn’t work with our summer theme? By opening up shelf space you may have room to tuck in a few botanical prints or florals in glass jars, anything that you may pick up on a walk for example. Have fun with rearranging your shelves, you’d be surprised what a difference it will make.

    bookcase styling

    Emily Bookcase –

  9. How about editing what’s on your kitchen countertops? Can you tuck away any appliances you don’t use very often during the summer? Is there room for a farmhouse clock on a wall like this one.

    farmhouse clock

    London Clock – Image courtesy of

  10. Want a super quick and easy fix for your kitchen? Just swap out your cabinet hardware for something lighter and brighter like rose gold or satin brass.
  11. Bring out the summer dishes, white plates and bowls, clear glasses and white mugs and cups. By the coast you can mix in blue with your white for that traditional seaside vibe.

    summer kitchen dishes

    Glazed dinnerware – West Elm

  12. Is it time to reconsider whether the color you have on the kitchen walls still works for you. How does it feel in the summer time? Do you still love the color you have or would a softer more organic shade be the ticket? Summer is also a great time to schedule a renovation project. What can you do in 30 days to make a big difference to how your kitchen works for you?
  13. Next let’s look in the bedrooms. One of the quickest fixes you can make is to replace your dark winter bedding and duvet covers with a light quilt or light or white colored duvet cover. It goes without saying, update your shams or pillows as well. There’s nothing more inviting than a crisp white matelasse quilt or cover tucked around a bed. Here’s some ideas for making up the perfect bed. summer bed
  14. You didn’t think I’d forget the bathrooms did you? Just like bedrooms, swapping out towels and accessories in bathrooms can really create that summery vibe. Easy peasy. Just replace your bath towels with white or neutral ones. Once again swap out any accessories that may have worked with your darker color towels and mats with light summer inspired ones. Think shells, lemons, even blue and white to evoke a nautical coastal mood! summer bathroom
  15. If you have a fireplace, what better focal point to focus your summer inspired decor? Clear off the mantel and add some beachy or country finds like driftwood, shells, even lichen covered branches. Add tall glass apothecary jars partially filled with lemons, shells, interesting stones or whatever strikes your fancy. For the fireplace opening find something unique like a painted firescreen, large live fern or antique mirror to hide the empty firebox.
  16. Have you been thinking about painting a room and wondering what color would work? Now’s the time to take a good look at your paint colors and think about lightening up any rooms which feel too dark. Although we love a dramatic grey or navy blue, these dark colors do soak up light and they need lots of white around them to feel fresh. Summer is the perfect time to paint. Just open the windows, get your brushes out and roll up your sleeves. Paint is such an affordable way to transform a room!

Hope you have fun decorating your home with summer colors and a sunny vibe. I’d love to help if you have any questions, just pop me a note!

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