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How to Give Your Guests a 5 Star Luxury Bed Experience

It’s worth making an effort to create a luxury bed experience because let’s face it, a good night’s sleep is priceless! Doesn’t matter if it’s for you or a guest. Everyone appreciates a comfy place to lay their head at night.

Even major hotel chains recognize how important a comfy bed is to guests. Including touting the thread count of their bed linens and a well known brand of mattress!

All guests appreciate a comfortable bed to help them get a good nights rest away from home. In fact there’s a good chance your beds could well surpass their own for quality and comfort!

Of course you have to start with the bed itself. The foundation of the ideal luxury bed is naturally a good mattress.

Best Rated Bed Mattresses

Most of these recommendations can be purchased online saving you time. Some companies allow for a trial period but be sure to check details before you order. The mattress size should match up to the dimensions of your bed frame!


– IKEA Morgedal Foam Mattress – $299 queen. Good for a secondary bedroom. Very firm!

– Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam – $268. 12″ highly rated all foam mattress found on Amazon and reviewed by Wirecutter


– Tuft & Needle  – $895. full Non memory foam with a soft top and firm base gives great support and comfort at a reasonable price. Highly rated too.

– IKEA Hesstun – $649. queen, Eurotop mattress 12+” if you like an innerspring mattress this has a plush top making it feel more expensive.

– Novaform 14″ gel Memory Foam mattress – $480. online at Costco. Extra thick, cuddly yet supportive but could be too firm for some. Wirecutter top pick.


– Caspar Original – $1036. queen . All memory foam mattress for support and cooling. Weighs 79 lbs!

– Leesa Sapira Hybrid – $1699. queen Memory foam hybrid mattress with coil support and cooling breathable top. Made in the USA

If you have a solid bed frame or a sprung slat base, make sure the mattress won’t sit too low inside the frame, otherwise it will be difficult to make up the bed. A mattress on a solid bed frame or standard box spring makes a comfortable height to climb in and out of.

Now you’ve found the perfect mattress let’s dress it with lovely linens!

luxury bed

Luxury Bedding

For a true luxury 5 star look, you can’t go wrong with sticking with all white. White will be easier to launder and mix and match. It also creates the high end crisp classic look you want.

  • Wash your whites separately from any other colors.
  • Adjust your detergent for your local water hardness
  • Use oxygen brighteners (not bleach)
  • Don’t crowd the washing machine.
  • Line dry, then iron while damp to get a crisp edge.


  • All white or white with a neutral border or pattern is perfect for the comforter duvet cover. Sheet material is acceptable, but a little texture is more forgiving of wrinkles. A or woven material in a crisp white is perfection.
  • For a true luxury feel, a down comforter or silk filled is both warm and breathable.


  • On a double, king or super king bed, allow for two pillows for each guest for a total of four on the bed. Ideally one pillow offers medium support, the second, placed in front, offers softer support. These can be down, or down alternative.
  • The mix of medium and soft support gives an extra measure of comfort and adaptability to both side and back sleepers.

I highly recommend Costco online or in store for their good quality pillows and duvets


  • For the finishing touch why not add an accent pillow or pair of pillows in a crisp white sham in front of the bed pillows.
  • Layer a coverlet across the width of the bed as hotels do with the benefit of keeping the duvet cover cleaner when guests put their luggage or their feet on the bed!
  • Or a soft throw at the end of the bed, folded to span the width of the bed can be your finishing touch.

luxury bed

My Recommendations for Proper Bedding


Duvet Cover

Throw | Coverlet

It’s always a good idea to have a backup set of linens and duvet covers too, so you can easily change out a bed without having to do an extra wash and dry!

Once your bed is made up beautifully,  you’re ready to get those five star ratings! Consider spending a chunk of your budget on a quality bed and bedding. It will be the one expense you won’t regret. It goes without saying that keeping the bedroom and bedding super squeaky clean is a must – even when your guests don’t. Get ready to bask in those rave reviews!

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