3 Best Deep Rich Kitchen Cabinet Colors: SW 2819, 9574 and 6208

kitchen cabinet colors

Deep dramatic cabinet colors are so hot right now for a reason. With kitchens, dining and living space often a big open space, painting the kitchen cabinets a dark hue makes them feel more like furniture and less like… well cupboards!

A deep rich color on your kitchen cabs helps define the space as the kitchen and creates a dramatic focal point for any open space room. Even if your living/kitchen space isn’t open plan, you can still jump on the trend.

What’s wrong with dark and cozy in a smaller separate kitchen space? Not a darn thing. Although I’d be more intentional about it. For example try painting just the base cabinets or an island in the dark dramatic paint color vs the entire kitchen. It all depends on how much light you have coming into the room and what your personal preference is. Some of us like light and bright and others are happy with deep and dark.

Prints and Patterns to Match Paint Colors

But wait – what about coordinating colors, prints and patterns? They bring so much life and warmth to a kitchen. Try these prints on window coverings, bar stools, bench or chair cushions if your kitchen is separate from the living space. Or use a wallpaper pattern to bring out the best in these deep rich paint colors.

Got an open plan kitchen dining space? Then continue the coordinating with these print ideas on window coverings, upholstered chairs, and pillow covers throughout your space to tie the kitchen and living spaces together. Easy peasy.

So without further ado, here’s three favorite dramatic paint colors from Sherwin-Willliams to transform your kitchen. I’m also including a complementary neutral for trim, upper cabinets or walls. Nothing sets off a beautiful deep shade like a perfect crisp clean light neutral. Trust me it makes all the difference.

Best Deep Rich Kitchen Cabinet Colors

1. SW 2819 Downing Slate

downing slate sw 2819

A deep saturated gray with a blue undertone, Downing Slate is clearly a winner for any kitchen that features a Carrara marble counter or backsplash for example. In fact I think that combo would be gorgeous.

I love the contrast of a light countertop like marble, soapstone or granite with this rich color.

This blue gray works in farmhouse, cottage, country, rustic or even traditional, so it’s super versatile. You could also have fun with coordinated wallpaper in a small washroom off the kitchen or in a study or den. I’ll drop a print below.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Wallpaper and fabrics to pair with Downing Slate- Images @Spoonflower

+ Wall Color – Arcade White SW7100

arcade white sw 7100

+ Flooring

  • Slate
  • Hardwood in rich deep browns or grays
  • Tile in dark grays

2. SW 9574 Hulett Ore

hulett ore sw 9574

A deep saturated gray but this time with a brown undertone which keeps it warm, Hulett Ore is a lighter version of the Color the Month, Iron Ore, which I find a little too intense for the kitchen.

This tone plays well with farmhouse, modern, contemporary or even rustic. It all depends on what you put with it. Once again I suggest a crisp light contrasting color for walls and even upper cabinets if you want to keep the light bouncing around a small room.

I could see this color on a wainscot – that’s those half walls of paneling or paint – with a wallpaper above. It really depends on what style you’re going for. I’ll drop a wallpaper below in the prints.

kitchen cabinet colors

Wallpaper and fabrics to pair with Hulett Ore- Images @Spoonflower

+ Wall Color – White Flour SW7102

arcade white sw 7102

+ Flooring

  • Slate in warm tones
  • Hardwood in rich deep browns or deep grays
  • Terrazzo

3. SW 6208 Pewter Green

pewter green sw 6208

Pewter Green is a rich deep dark foresty green with brown undertones. It will really pack a punch in your kitchen if you play it up right! Don’t forget the big dose of creamy white paint on the walls to offset all this drama.

Light or dark countertops in marble, granite or soapstone. Let’s use hardware in bronze or gold to warm it up further and make it feel luxurious.

I see this color palette working well in country, traditional, farmhouse, rustic or cottage style homes. With Pewter Green on a kitchen island or base cabinets, you could get away with wood cabinets above.

These prints I’ve dropped below include a massively masculine plaid wallpaper, and two subtle monochrome patterns.

kitchen cabinet colors

Wallpaper and fabrics to pair with Pewter Green- Images @Spoonflower

+ Wall Color – Marshmallow SW 7001

+ Flooring

  • Marble tile with deep gray veins with a warm undertone
  • Hardwood in rich golden or deep browns


Paint Finish Recommendation

I would suggest a satin finish or semi gloss finish on cabinets and trim, with satin or velvet finish on walls. Although matte finishes are usually less expensive, I’m not a fan and rarely use them.

A flat or matte finish can be a pain to keep clean because it shows every single fingerprint and mark. Do yourself a favor and pick a finish with some sheen like Satin especially on areas that get high use like a kitchen or bathroom. It’s easier to clean plus it lets light bounce and reflect around the room. Win!

Using a Color Scheme Throughout the House

Choose a color palette or scheme as the first step to design your space. A curated group of colors that work well together is what I preach. Using consistent colors throughout your home will make it feel calmer, more pulled together and intentional – like you know what you’re doing!

You can still use other colors of course. Pick some accent colors to use in accessories, furniture and flooring. But keep 2-4 colors as your main go to shades for each room.

Your color palettes can help you choose paint for walls, but also other wall and flooring finishes. Not sure about the tone in a rug sample? Hold it up to the paint swatch in natural light.

Use your paint swatches to pick tile backsplash and bathroom tile too. It doesn’t have to match but it should be in the same hue or tint.

Your color palette can help when choosing the right color for a sofa or chair.

The same’s true for deciding on curtains or window treatments. Each time you repeat these colors, whether as a solid (painted wall), a texture (flooring) or a pattern (fabric) you’re making this color thing work!

As an easy decision maker when making choices about what to buy, what to keep or what to get rid of in your home, you can’t go wrong with using your palette.

Still not sure what color is right? Learn more about a quick affordable solution, my Color Clarity service.


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