COLOR Clarity

A Simple Solution to Picking Colors That Work

Tired of stalking the paint counter hoping for a miracle? Perhaps you’re frustrated at how many different colors you’ve tried that didn’t work. It shouldn’t be that hard to pick a color to get the look you want, but for some reason, you’re stuck.

You know your space needs a huge boost of something to make it feel more inviting. Yet you can’t quite put your finger on what it needs or what’s missing.  You’re realizing it’s too easy to make mistakes and waste time and money.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to come home and know, this feels like “me”.

What if your home became a sanctuary instead of a source of frustration? It’s not your fault you haven’t found the right colors. The paint counter can be overwhelming. Getting color right is the secret sauce to creating a room that feels like home when you walk in the door. What if you didn’t have to work too hard at pulling it together but it sure looks like you did?

I get it! I’ve worked with dozens of clients just like you. Clients who wanted a space they could be proud of and feel comfortable in, but just didn’t know where or how to get started. Color and design doesn’t come naturally to everyone. You don’t have to figure it out on your own.  My Simple Color Clarity design session will give you the help you need to get past your color blocks and into a warm and inviting room you’ll love to come home to.

  • You’ll have expert advice so you don’t have to worry about getting it wrong
  • You’ll know exactly what colors you need to transform your room.
  • Your friends and family will think you’ve hired a professional designer (well that part is true !)
  • You’ll have a gorgeous space you’ll feel good about and the pride of doing it yourself. (With a little help)

This is exactly what to expect with Color Clarity

  1. Start with the Book Now button below. Once you’ve paid your design fee you’ll be sent to a design questionnaire. I want to understand what style makes your heart go pitter pat!
  2. Next we’ll set up a 30 minute phone or video chat. Ask me any questions that may come up from taking the questionnaire. Let me know your biggest room challenge!
  3. Within 3-7 days I’ll prepare a personal Color Clarity design board and send you a link to review it.
  4. Your design board will include 3 recommended colors plus how to use them in the room. I’ll make suggestions on how to implement your new color palette. If needed, you’ll get a suggested accessories and furniture to purchase.
  5. Last but not least, we have a 30 minute follow up call so you can ask any questions you may have.

I’ve intentionally kept this service at a bite size price so you can see for yourself how easy and simple it can be to transform your home. But I’m so confident you’ll love the design kickstart you get from my Color Clarity service, that if you’re not 110% happy with the results, I’ll refund your entire payment.

The reason I started this service was simple. I kept seeing COLOR as the No 1 stumbling block for my clients. Color is transformative once you know what colors make you happy. It changes EVERYTHING. Choosing the perfect color is the first step to any home renovation. It’s the blueprint that pulls the whole house together.

Interested in working with me? Here’s how to get started.

STEP 1. Click the “Buy Now” button below to submit your payment and start a project.

STEP 2. Next fill out your design questionnaire and upload photos of your room.

STEP 3. Once your questionnaire is complete, you’ll get a link to schedule your initial 30 minute call with me.

STEP 4. We’ll have our call!

STEP 5. Once I’ve completed your custom Color Clarity Design (within 3-5 days), you’ll get a link to review it.

STEP 6. Within 3 business days, you’ll be given a link to schedule your 30 minute follow up call with me.

STEP 7. Then… we’ll have our call!

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