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What Are New Home Buyers Looking for in 2018?

What are your new home buyers looking for?

New home buyers looking for smart, stylish low maintenance homes want to see all the bells and whistles.

In 2018 technology is king and will continue to dominate innovation in new home building. Smart wired homes are not on every buyer’s wish list, but being prepared for tech geek questions is a must!

Besides technology, what can you expect to get asked about by new buyers? What do buyers see online, in design centers and in their friend’s homes that they’ll look for in your home?

smart home

Smart Wired Homes

New homes that are wired for technology attract the tech savvy buyer, but it can sometimes take a tech guru to figure out how to hook up and make everything work. Not all devices play well together.

  • Have your sales listing itemize the specific technology upgrades your home offers to buyers
  • Consider offering a referral to a technology whiz at closing to help your buyer get connected.

Smart Glass

Technology also gives buyers the option of electronically tinting their windows (Halio) as needed, making additional window treatments obsolete. Although a price upgrade from low-E windows, a savings of up to 40% off their energy bill may make this an attractive option.

  • Price out this option for your new build so buyers have the choice upfront
  • In areas where large windows are popular, give buyers additional energy efficient options such as low-E

Super Kitchens

Comfort and function are key kitchen must haves. Buyers want soft floors underneath such as cork and variable counter heights to make chopping, prepping and preparing easy for all family members. Dedicated refrigerator columns with separate freezer space in another location are in demand to store the fresh foods health conscious buyers snap up in farmers markets and organic produce aisles.

  • Be prepared to answer questions on the different anti-microbial qualities of countertops such as granite, solid surface and stone.
  • Allow room for kitchen components such as separate fridge space and freezers to be accommodated.

black mullions

Black is Back

Perhaps in backlash to recent trends for neutral grays, beiges and white, black is making a comeback. Appliances, bath fixtures and even window mullions are going dark to black. Contemporary, industrial and urban farmhouse homes benefit from black accents especially in windows, doors and hardware.

  • Give buyers looking for a contemporary vibe, the option of upgrading to black fixtures.
  • Offer specific finishes in your design center in black, black stainless steel, black stain and matte black.

Side Yard Stretch

Make every bit of your homes’ outdoor space count. With the trend towards smaller yards, buyers want to see how even the previously neglected side yard can work for their lifestyle. Get creative and add a sitting area, or at least a vertical garden area with vines and trellis against the fence line.

  • If side yards can be viewed from interior windows make sure that space provides at least a peek of potential extra living space.

home for singles

Make Room for Singles

With the single population due to expand to 75-85% by 2040, creating homes to fit a one person lifestyle is a smart bet. If you’re building or developing new homes, plan on squeezing additional units into your community footprint that cater to the single buyer.

  • Consider investing in land or redevelopment opportunities where you can build single dwellings to cater to growing demand.

More desirable features home buyers are looking for in 2018

  • Large laundry room for family homes
  • Ample exterior lighting
  • Energy efficiency
  • Hardwood floors
  • Garage space with storage
  • Large open family kitchen
  • Home office
  • Low maintenance
  • Updated bathrooms
  • Outdoor living space

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