SW 9109 Natural Linen Colors for a Granny Chic Vibe

SW 9109 Natural Linen is a perfect shade to pull off your Granny Chic home decor look. The Grand Millennial look has all the cozy familiar style of your gran’s home but is updated with just the right touches of whimsy and bold color.

One of the most popular Sherwin Williams neutrals, Natural Linen is considered a “yellow” but it has more of a pinkish undertone to it. Don’t stress too much about the tone, just know that it’s not too cool or too warm. Which is what makes it that perfect neutral!

While I think of it, please don’t get SW 9109 Natural Linen confused with Benjamin Moore Natural Linen – they’re two ENTIRELY different paint colors.

When to Choose Natural Linen

Choose Natural Linen when you want a little more ooomph than white or cream but you still want to keep things neutral. Like for example, if you’re maybe thinking of selling in the near future and you don’t want to go wild with personalization that you’ll regret.

If you want to keep the mood warm but would rather have color in your furnishings, wall art and fabrics. A neutral backdrop is perfect for playing around with your own personal style and doesn’t lock you into a color scheme.

SW 9109 is super versatile and works with both cooler and warm colors. Why should you care? Because it makes choosing your other coordinating colors so much easier. Let’s just say it’s a lot more forgiving than most “beiges” or “creams”

SW 9109 Natural Linen Color Values

  • R:223 G:211 B:195
  • Hex Value:#dfd3c3
  • LRV:66

SW 9109 Natural Linen

You won’t get tired of it. That’s a biggie right there. It won’t dominate the room or your home like other neutrals or colors.

OK on with the color options. Oh and patterns too. I mean you can’t pull off Granny Chic without some pattern!

Natural Linen Colors for a Granny Chic Vibe

Actually there are so many colors you could use with Natural Linen to pull off the Granny Chic home decor trend. I think it can be super helpful to see how paint colors and patterns can work together, so I’m going to show you 3 options.

For each color option I’ll give you examples of 3 prints that would work well with Natural Linen as the base color. This way you can see how to coordinate fabrics OR wallpaper with your chosen palette.

I found all of these prints on Spoonflower by the way!

Natural Linen with Denim

I’ve written about Denim before and it’s a nice neutral blue that works so well with other neutrals – those colors that are neither warm or cool.

This deep soft blue is a natural for Granny Chic home decor as there are so many traditional patterns, such as Toile and chinoiserie (patterns inspired by Chinese and Asian china) with blue as the main color. Blue is such a versatile color because it goes with almost any other color. Well natch, it’s the color of the sky!

Pair SW 9109 Natural Linen with SW 6523 Denim – Pattern Pairings

How to use Denim in your home

  • Have you got some beautiful Blue Willow china you’d love to display?
  • How about a favorite toile fabric for curtains or a pillow or two?
  • Try denim fabric with a ruffle or pleat on a pillow, chair or ottoman

SW6523 Denim Color Values

  • R:80 G:107 B:132
  • HEX: #506b84
  • LRV: 14

Natural Linen with “Haven”

A soft green is the perfect foil to sharpen and add contrast to the creaminess of Natural Linen and Haven reminds me a little of a crisp green apple. Guess what? It also works with Denim so feel free to combine these two when using Natural Linen. If you’re a green/blue freak like I am you’ll love this combo!

As you can see by the patterns, it’s so easy to pair blue, green and even pink together with SW 9109. Make your home as pretty and feminine as you like or keep it a little more masculine by leaving the pink/peach for the bedroom and baths.


Pair SW 9109 Natural Linen with SW 6437 Haven – Pattern Pairings

How to Use Haven in your Home

  • Well first of all if you some house plants, bingo, you’ve already got the right shade
  • Look for leafy prints and mix and match with stripes and checks
  • Love this shade on furniture – wouldn’t it be perfect on a desk or cabinet!

SW 6437 Haven Color Values

  • R:163 G:180 B:140
  • Hex Value:#a3b48c
  • LRV:42

Natural Linen with “Blushing”

Don’t you just love this color! What a sweetie. Now if you want to create a very soft feminine space, this color will work wonders. It perks up Natural Linen and brings out the warm colors of a polished wood floor or even Saltillo tile. If you want to cut the sweetness a tiny bit, use Haven to add a bit of acidity to the color mix.

Another shade to turn SW 9109 and Blushing a bit more masculine and neutral would be a soft neutral like Mindful Gray. Can you see it?

SW 6617 Blushing

Pair SW 9109 Natural Linen with SW 6617 Blushing – Pattern Pairings

How to Use Blushing in your Home

  • Let’s paint the powder room for starters, this color is SO flattering!
  • How about the inside of bookshelves or a cabinet?
  • Don’t  forget painting the ceiling if you’re feeling a little daring

SW 6617 Blushing Color Values

  • R:240 G:209 B:195
  • Hex Value: #f0d1c3
  • LRV: 68

Using a Color Scheme Throughout the House

The first step to designing your space is choosing a color palette. Using consistent colors throughout your home makes it feel calmer, more pulled together and like you meant it!

Once You’ve Chosen a Color Palette:

  • Use your colors for your wall color, but also for other wall and flooring finishes like rugs and tile. Not sure about the tone in a rug sample? Hold it up to the paint swatch and look at it in natural light.
  • Use your paint swatches to pick tile backsplash and bathroom tile. It doesn’t have to match but should be in the same hue or tint. Don’t worry you don’t have to worry about what that means, just do the natural light test. Take both tile and paint sample outside or in a window with filtered natural light and compare.
  • Use your palette as a guide to choosing the color of furniture like sofas. Same with curtains or window treatments.
  • Every time you repeat these colors, whether as a solid (painted wall), a texture (flooring) or a pattern (fabric) your palette is working for you
  • Use your palette as a decision maker when making those sometimes tough choices about what to buy, what to keep or what to get rid of in your home.

Still not sure what color to choose for your home? A quick affordable solution is my Color Clarity service.


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