What Colors Coordinate with SW 7015 Repose Gray?

What colors complement SW 7015 Repose Gray? I’ve put together 4 different color palettes showcasing 12 colors that coordinate beautifully with Repose Gray.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is similar to Agreeable Gray SW 7029 because it’s a very very neutral gray beige or Greige. Repose Gray is a tiny bit cooler than Agreeable Gray with no pinkish undertone. So if you’re looking for a super neutral warm gray that won’t clash with other cool or warm colors, SW 7015 is a good choice. It will coordinate better with greens and golds especially.

Although trends are heading away from that all gray monochromatic look, you can’t beat a nice neutral pale gray. It’s like jeans, it goes with everything without making a big fuss about it. Gray is the chorus, not the lead singer and that’s the way it should be.

Like the popular Believable Buff, it’s non-trendiness and ability to be a supporting player instead of the main focus of the room is it’s charm.

When you need a gray that’s warm and versatile and not picky about how you use it, pick SW 7029.

SW 7015 Repose Gray Color Values

Repose Gray Color Values

I’ve pulled together several coordinating color schemes to use with Repose Gray.  SW 7015 can be used on your walls, cabinets or trim, it’s that versatile. I would suggest using a semi gloss or gloss finish on cabinets and trim, with satin or velvet finish on walls. I’m not a fan of matte finishes even though they’re almost always cheaper, the cost savings isn’t worth the trade off.

Flat or matte finish is a nightmare to keep clean and shows every single fingerprint and mark. Do yourself a favor and pick a finish with some sheen like Satin. It’s easier to clean and lets light reflect around the room. Win win!

1. Minimalist Palette

Minimalist design style leans towards monochromatic tones like Repose Gray. Although there are really no rules about color when it comes to creating a modern minimal style, color usually takes a back seat. It’s there as a supporting player not in your face. Using a palette of neutral colors keeps the look uncluttered with clean lines and few frills. 

Use SW 7015 for walls, cabinets and trim. In fact wash the color over both walls, cabinets and trim for a truly minimalist pared back look. If you like the look of a white kitchen with marble, pick SW 9541 White Snow for cabinets with SW 9691 Crystalline on walls or a dining space. It also would work well in bedrooms as a wall color.

SW 9595 Braintree is a deep gray brown which can be picked up in a dark floor in that shade or used as a kitchen island accent color. I also see in on office bookcases or built ins for a bit of drama.

What Colors Coordinate with SW 7015 Repose Gray

  • SW 9541 White Snow
  • SW 9691 Crystalline
  • SW 9595 Braintree


2. French Country Palette

Repose Gray is the perfect soft gray to set the stage for a fabulous French country estate look. You know those wonderful French linens with the stripes? Westhighland White with Repose Gray stripes. Or SW 7601 Dockside Blue with SW 7566 White stripes! The possibilities are endless. 

Use this muted color palette and build on it.  SW 7015 Repose Gray would be very soft and effective on your kitchen cabinets, even bathroom cabinets. I see SW 7566 on walls to keep it feeling light and airy especially if you have beams above! SW 7601 Dockside Blue is that quintessential French blue that’s slightly gray and dusty. Use it on doors, furniture, cabinet work and even a bathroom or two.  

SW 7601 can also be your guide when choosing fabrics for chairs, cushions and bedding. Get the shade right but mix it up with patterns, stripes and textures. Same goes for SW 9120 Tumblin Tumbleweed.

SW 9120 represents wood floors, grain sacks and weathered woodwork. Use it to offset the cooler colors and keep your French country style warm, for example on study or office walls, cabinets, and doors. Use it as a guideline for choosing flooring like wood, sisal or carpeting. 

What Colors Coordinate with SW 7015 Repose Gray

  • SW 7566 Westhighland White
  • SW 7601 Dockside Blue
  • SW 9120 Tumblin Tumbleweed

3. Beach House Palette

Even if you live miles from the sea, it’s always fun to replicate a beach house vibe isn’t it? My home is peppered with sailboats and pictures of boats and water, shells you name it. My own little bit of coast! Beach house is little more casual than just a coastal color scheme. Lighter and brighter with punches of bold patterns and the occasional surf board or DIY rope decor. 

Repose Gray makes a perfect base color that keeps all those blues, greens and whites from looking too floaty. Think of it as the ground, beach, sand or dune. It’s the neutral in a sea of blue greens. Use it to paint a funky wood floor you don’t want to sand down. Turn it into a durable slipcover for a sofa or chair. Use it as part of a pattern in a rug that also has blues and whites in it.

SW 9503 Cheviot can be painted on walls, cabinets or trim or all of the above. If you want that really whitewashed look, go for it. Paint Repose Gray on old cabinets and use Cheviot to add a distressed white wash finish. 

SW 9144 Moonmist and SW 9057 Acquitaine can add a refreshing splash to bathroom, bedroom or even kitchen walls. Keep cabinets and trim painted white for a classic beach house aesthetic. 

What Colors Coordinate with SW 7015 Repose Gray

  • SW 9144 Moonmist
  • SW 9503 Cheviot
  • SW 9057 Acquitaine

4. Shabby Decor Palette

Our versatile Repose Gray is also a lovely neutral base to indulge your shabby decor love. It looks absolutely perfect on bathroom cabinets, trim and doors while Sw 8917 Shell White can be rolled on walls, kitchen cabinets or trim. 

What lifts both those neutral colors into shabby distressed heaven are the seafoam green of SW 6477 Tidewater and SW 9692 aptly named Cotton Candy. On their own these two colors would be too sweet, but Repose Gray and Shell White keep them from getting sugary. 

By all means use either Tidewater or Cotton Candy on walls but use with a light touch. While they’re perfect for child’s bedroom or bathroom, they might be too much in a master bedroom. Take your cue from these colors to pick your fabrics, rugs, pillows and curtains! 

Those tables, chairs and dressers can also be painted in any of these colors. When you have a palette like this, you can mix and match all the colors together and they still work. 

What Colors Coordinate with SW 7015 Repose Gray

  • SW 8917 Shell White
  • SW 6477 Tidewater
  • SW 9692 Cotton Candy

Use a Color Scheme Throughout

Choosing a color palette or scheme is the first step when designing any space. With a selected group of colors that work well together you always have a blueprint or visual of what colors to use. Using consistent colors throughout your home makes it feel calmer, more pulled together and intentional. You never have to stop and wonder what do I do now? 

Does this mean you can’t use any other colors? Of course not! Use deeper darker or lighter accent colors in your accessories, furniture and flooring. 

My advice is to use these color palettes for your walls, but also use them to pick other wall and flooring finishes like rugs and tile. Not sure about the tone in a rug sample? Hold it up to the paint swatch and look at it in natural light. Use your paint swatches to pick tile backsplash and bathroom tile. It doesn’t have to match but it should be in the same hue or tint. Don’t worry you don’t have to worry about what that means, just do the natural light test. Take both tile and paint sample outside or in a window with filtered natural light and compare. You want both colors to work together, cool to cool or warm to warm.

Use your color palette as a guide to choosing the color of any large piece of furniture like a sofa. Same with curtains or window treatments. Every time you repeat these colors, whether as a solid (painted wall), a texture (flooring) or a pattern (fabric) you’re making this color thing work. Your home will thank you.

A color palette is your go to decision maker when making those sometimes tough choices about what to buy, what to keep or what to get rid of in your home. 

Download free PDF for SW7015 Color Palette

Still not sure what color is right? A quick affordable solution is my Color Clarity service. Why not try it!

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