About me

Even as a young girl I’d fill drawing pads with rough sketches of imaginary homes. Over the years my passion for interiors and property has only grown.

While pursuing a long career in advertising and publishing, I found time to remodel a series of fixer uppers in Florida and Texas which is when I found my true calling!

So in 2008 when I was laid off from a real estate technology company, it was a no brainer to start my passion project, Hampton Redesign. Combining my love of interior design with a little marketing on the side? Yes please.

Qualifying for real estate licenses in Florida and later in Colorado helped me understand the nuts and bolts of buying and selling.

Remember how the housing market stalled in 2008? Staging really helped during that tough real estate market. Clients saw positive results when selling. My home staging and design business gradually expanded to include designing model homes for builders as well as advising investors on what was profitable design-wise.

I enjoy it all but color is my specialty.

What I really want you to know is I love what I do. Working with color, design and spaces is a blast and I never get tired of it. Oh and the best reward is helping you.

Ready to Get Started?

It’s possible to work with me “virtually” wherever you are, so location isn’t an issue. Which comes in handy now we’re all working from home or moving around. What you should know about me…

  • Over 70% of new clients came through referrals.
  •  20+ years of design, marketing and real estate expertise.
  • Personally helped over a hundred design clients.
  • Over 230 hours of real estate practice education (passed two licensing exams).

Visit my Services  page or schedule a complimentary strategy call today. Let’s get you started on your dream home today.