What Colors Coordinate with SW 7029 Agreeable Gray?

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray is the #1 bestseller and most popular color for 2020 for a reason. It’s the perfect blend of gray and beige. Not too cool and not too warm it’s super versatile.

To help you pick colors to coordinate, I’ve created 3 different color palettes to use with SW 7029.  These color schemes are designed specifically to work with Cottage, Modern or Rustic style decor.

For a while gray was everywhere you looked. It was a simple solution to a color that went with everything wasn’t it? But now we’re all getting a little tired of the monochromatic look and let’s face it, the coldness of a non color like gray isn’t as appealing as it once was. While we’re spending much more time at home, we expect color to make us feel good! 

Still we can’t help loving the grays that have stood the test of time. SW 7029 Agreeable Gray is one. Super versatile and very easy on the eyes, Agreeable Gray is a true greige – that’s a marriage of grey and beige. But it’s not boring, it’s warming. It has a chameleonic quality that pairs well with so many colors it’s a keeper grey I can recommend. Not cold, not steely but more like a melted cappucino.

Like it’s neighbor Believable Buff, it’s popularity lies in it’s non-trendiness and ability to be a supporting player instead of the main focus of the room.

When you need a gray that says cuddly not cold, pick SW 7029. If you’re looking for something a tiny bit cooler, check out Repose Gray.

SW 7029 Agreeable Gray Color Values

  • CMYK: C-17, Y-16, M-22, K-0
  • RGB: R-210, G-203, B-193
  • HEX: #d2cbc1

I’ve pulled together several color schemes to use if you’re wondering how to use Agreeable Gray.  SW 7029 can be used on your walls, cabinets or trim, it’s that versatile. I would suggest using a semi gloss or gloss finish on cabinets and trim. 

1. Cottage Palette with SW 7029

Agreeable Gray is the perfect color to create a chic updated cottage look. Fireplace wall surrounded by mantel, millwork and bookcases? Wash the whole thing with SW 7029 and continue painting the trim around walls in it as well. Walls could go nicely in West Highland White (SW 7566). Another option would be to paint the walls in Billowy Breeze SW 9055 and pick out trim in SW 7566.

Add a bit of sharpness with SW 9037 Baby Bok Choy on built in cabinets, islands or a dining alcove. Fabrics that blend this creamy white and springy green will continue and build on the palette. Equally you could use a blue and green mix to layer in these cottage-y colorways.

All these colors are available in Sherwin Williams ColorSnap system. Depending on the paint you choose; may be available in flat, satin, velvet and semi-gloss finishes.

What Colors Coordinate with SW 7029 Agreeable Gray

  • SW 7566 West Highland White
  • SW 9055 Billowy Breeze
  • SW 9037 Baby Bok Choy

2. Modern Palette with SW 7029

Contemporary or modern style used to mean black and white, high contrast finishes, but that’s fallen out of favor in recent years. Now modern embraces mid century modern style with all it’s warm wood tones.  Contrast is still effective at showcasing those mid century finds and artwork, but now it’s achieved with a deep inky charcoal like SW 9645 Big Dipper. SW 9540 Timber Beam evokes a well worn Barcelona leather chair or a teak sideboard. 

SW 9542 Natural White lightens up those dark colors and is perfect for walls. Use SW 9645 for window frames, bookcases or cabinets where you want maximum impact. Big Dipper would also make a dramatic interior door color. Try SW 9540 on a study wall or Agreeable Gray in an entry way. Agreeable Gray is a good choice for cabinets, doors, walls and trim.

By the way SW 9542, 9645 and 9540 are part of Sherwin Williams new Emerald Designer Edition palette. This paint is available in flat (matte), satin and gloss finish. I always recommend satin finish for walls as it’s more reflective of light and much easier to keep clean! Use satin or gloss finish for trim.

What Colors Coordinate with SW 7029 Agreeable Gray

  • SW 9542 Natural White
  • SW 9540 Timber Beam
  • SW 9645 Big Dipper

3. Rustic Palette with SW 7029

When I think of rustic home decor I see weathered galvanized steel and faded copper barrels with faded barn wood floors. SW 9552 Antimony evokes galvanized steel that’s been weathered down to the palest color possible and it’s ideal for or a gallery wall, kitchen cabinets or a hall bathroom. SW 9504 Cold Foam will lighten a dark room and is ideal for kitchen cabinets, master bedroom, hallways and any room you want to keep light bouncing around. 

Agreeable Gray helps keep the palette weathered, soft and relaxed, like a day in nature. Use it for walls, trim or cabinets. 

Copper that’s been aged by weather, heat and dust can be a nice warm accent to other neutral colors. SW 9006 Rojo Dust can be used anywhere you want to add a touch of heat to the room. Earth tones are back on trend so why not use it on a kitchen island, a guest bath, study, guest bedroom or dining room? 

What Colors Coordinate with SW 7029 Agreeable Gray

  • SW 9504 Cold Foam
  • SW 9552 Antimony
  • SW 9006 Rojo Dust

Using Your Color Scheme Throughout the House

Choosing a color palette or scheme is the first step in designing any space. With a selected group of colors that work well together you always have a blueprint or visual of what colors to use. Using consistent colors throughout your home makes it feel calmer, more pulled together and intentional. You never have to stop and wonder what do I do now? 

Does this mean you can’t use any other colors? Of course not! Use coordinating accent colors in your accessories, furniture and flooring. 

While these color palettes are perfect for walls, why not use them to pick other wall and flooring finishes like rugs and tile too? Not sure about the tone in a rug sample? Hold it up to the paint swatch and look at it in natural light. Use your paint swatches to pick tile backsplash and bathroom tile. It doesn’t have to match but it should be in the same hue or tint. Don’t worry you don’t have to worry about what that means, just do the natural light test. Take both tile and paint sample outside or in a window with filtered natural light and compare. You want both colors to work together, cool to cool or warm to warm.

Use your color palette as a guide to choosing the color of any large piece of furniture like a sofa as well. This goes for curtains or window treatments too. Every time you repeat these colors, whether as a solid (painted wall), a texture (flooring) or a pattern (fabric) you’re making this color thing work. Your home design will flow and look like it was designed by a pro.

When making those sometimes tough choices about what to buy, what to keep or what to get rid of in your home; use your color palette as your go to decision maker. 

Download the free PDF for SW7029 Color Palette

Still not sure what color is right? A quick affordable solution is my Color Clarity service. Why not try it!

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  • Tessa
    September 9, 2021 at 9:59 AM

    A reader recently sent me this question about Agreeable Gray…
    “I am writing to you to ask for some help. I love your articles and have found them very helpful.

    My dilemma is twofold: Does Agreeable Gray compliment/play well with Balanced Beige?

    I was going to paint my hallways and main areas Agreeable Gray (my dining room and sitting room are blues) and my master bathroom is already agreeable gray but I was thinking the bedroom in Balanced Beige … (Is agreeable gray a warm undertone? How do I tell what the undertones are?)”

    Both Agreeable Gray and SW 7037 Balanced Beige do have the same warm undertones so can be used together. However because they’re both so close in tone I would consider using a lighter or deeper color for contrast when used close together in the same room or rooms open to each other.

    But it’s perfectly fine to use Balanced Beige in a bedroom because it’s a separate space!

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