Design Ideas

This is What a Design Board Looks Like

Have you wondered what a custom interior design board looks like?

Let’s say you just purchased your dream beach home by the ocean. Or perhaps your family home is in need of a freshening up before next season.

If you’re thinking of renting it out to recapture some expenses, a redesign may be the best way to get renters excited enough to book out a year ahead for next summer. Renters love gorgeous photos!

One quick and easy way to visualize how your beach house might look “after” is to order a design board.

Here’s what your sample beach house e-design board might look like. On this board we’re featuring a family room with furniture and accessory options, paint selections and pricing.

Look how easy it is to visualize how your newly redesigned family room could look beach-style.

Beach House Sample Design Board

design board

So what’s the budget? Everything on this design board comes in at under $5,000.

Here’s the partial custom shopping list for your design. Keep in mind prices do fluctuate, but this gives you a really good idea of what you’re spending your budget on doesn’t it?

Creating a custom design and a shoppable product list is what makes interior e-design or online design services so user friendly.

You can see at a glance if this fits your design aesthetic and if you and your interior designer are on the same wavelength. Not only are all these products available for you to buy online at your convenience but if there’s an item that doesn’t fit your budget or float your boat, you can request a substitution.

How often do you get that kind of interaction with a designer? This is what I love about interior e-design. It puts all of the designery elements right up front into the clients hands. It provides that visualization that’s so important to making decisions and moving forward with confidence.

Best of all, it removes that “what if we’re not on the same page and I just ordered something I’m not sure about” feeling.

What room are you itching to redesign? Let’s get started. Got questions? Schedule a complimentary call.