Got a design problem?

Stumped about what color to paint your living room?

I’ve helped over a hundred clients just like you!

Not everyone has an eye for design. But I’m here to help. Whether in person, by phone or email, we’ll get your home whipped into shape in just weeks. If you have any questions about process or how it works let’s talk!

Investor /Realtor

I specialize in helping investors, builders and realtors whip their properties for sale (or rent) into shape to make the most money.

Whether you need a model home design, staging consultation or design plan for short term rental I can help you meet your goals.

Serve: Local clients with 30 minutes of Grand Junction or Denver CO. Need help outside CO? Contact me or view my e-Design packages.

  • Complimentary consultation to bid model homes or investment projects
  • Realtor pricing for staging consultations
  • Travel within 30 minutes of Grand Junction included. Outside Colorado? I can help HERE.

Design Eye

Ever wish you could borrow a designer for an afternoon? Tired of shopping aimlessly online to get that perfect look for your home?

Let’s schedule a half or full day session to knock out some of those design hiccups and get you going on a plan of action. Whether you’re selling your home, moving into a new one or just ready to refresh your home’s look, I’m here to help.

  • 3-6 hours in person at your home or in store. Also via Skype
  • 6 hour in-person session includes lunch
  • Complimentary shopping list + 30 -minute follow up call
  • Travel within 30 minutes of Grand Junction included, available anywhere via Skype or Zoom

Design Courier

Thanks to technology, your designer can now help you wherever you live!  If you’re the do it yourself type and love to implement, but just don’t have the design eye, I can help.

First we’ll chat about your design goals. Then I’ll send you a checklist to get started. Before you know it, you’ll have a customized design plan in your mailbox! Perfect for any room that needs a new look.

  • 1 hour consultation via Skype or phone
  • Design mood board
  • Shopping list to order online or in store
  • Space plan or layout
  • Paint/fabric samples
  • Post project call