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What Are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2018?


The best kitchen cabinet colors for 2018 are neutral but definitely not beige. Or brown. If you watch even a little HGTV, you’ll see House Hunters unanimously favor white kitchens over traditional dark wood cabinets. So much so it’s often a deal breaker if the kitchen can’t be upgraded to white.

Another huge influencer for kitchen trends is HGTV’s Fixer Upper hosted by Chip and Joanna Gaines. The TV hosts have popularized the farmhouse style kitchen featuring lots of white wood, shiplap and tile. Farmhouse countertops feature carrera marble which goes beautifully with white cabinets.

The new urban farmhouse look combines sophisticated and rustic elements to make buyers fantasize about living the perfect rural lifestyle. When you understand what motivates your buyer, you can deliver their perfect dream kitchen.

  • Is your market millennial? Then by all means, appeal to their love of HGTV. Go white or gray.
  • Is your market baby boomer? White, gray and classic finishes speak to them.
  • Is your market Gen X? Think Madonna. They appreciate different.
  • Is your market Silent? Retired folks crave the familiar and family. Soft muted colors.

The best kitchen cabinet colors for 2018

Pick a color that will stay timeless and fits the architecture and location of your property. Beach side calls for white on white, urban kitchens can stand a little more color and drama.


White cabinets and white walls will create a clean minimalist kitchen vibe. The key to using white is break it up with texture. White subway tile with dark gray grout, carerra marble with swirls of white and bluish gray, gold or brass hardware will all make your white “pop” with warmth and depth.

To add more depth, you may want to paint base cabinets in a soft gray, green or blue.

Hardware and lighting can be nickel or gold, bronze or brass.

Here’s some suggested kitchen cabinet colors in white.

Bit of Sugar-B

Alabaster -SW

Pure White -B


Choose a warm gray or a cool gray. What’s the difference? Warm gray has hints of yellow, cool gray is next to blue. Gray is the perfect neutral as long as you keep it on the lighter side. If drama is called for, base cabinets or accent pieces can be a dark stormy blue or gray.

Keeping hardware and lighting a soft gold, bronze or brass will evoke a vintage feel and warm up the gray so your kitchen feels cozier.

Here’s some suggested kitchen cabinet colors in grey.

Silverpointe -SW

Gray Cashmere- BM

GrayTimberWolf – BM




Soft natural dusty greens work well with wood floors. Your kitchen will feel like a natural extension of the outside. The right shade of green is warm, inviting and easy to pair with blue, gray or white. It fits vintage style whether created a la Magnolia Home or original.

Hardware can be nickel or gold, brass, bronze. Even the darker rubbed bronze fixtures will work well. Keep a lot of white in the kitchen to make the green feel fresh. For example, a white apron sink or white subway tile backsplash.

Here’s some suggested colors for kitchen cabinets in green.

Sea Salt – SW

Greenwich Village – B

Misted Green – BM



Blue is having a renaissance. It’s another color that brings the feeling of sky and outdoors inside and evokes a vintage era if chosen correctly. Soft gray shades of blue will always be timeless. Navy or deep midnight shades are currently popular on walls and cabinets where drama is desired. However for resale, be careful about making the hub of the home feel dark unless it’s a small galley kitchen in the city and exquisitely lit.

The softer the blue the more a nickel or stainless hardware makes sense. Darker blues call for gold, brass or bronze.

Suggested cabinet colors in blue.





SW = Sherwin Williams BM= Benjamin Moore B= Behr

Which Color Choices Will Work Best for Your Project?

It’s smart NOT to ignore trends if you want to appeal to your current market. Buyers, renters and future homeowners want the latest and are willing to pay for it.

At the same time if you’re renovating for resale, you’ll want to choose trends that are less likely to become tired.

The respected Pantone Institute picked Ultra Violet as color of the year for 2018. Using this shade in your kitchen renovation is likely to scream “trendy” and may only appeal to a small handful of buyers.

According to Zillow, a soft gray blue kitchen boosted the value of a home. Bathrooms, dining rooms and bedrooms also got a value bump from blue.

Choose classic and evergreen. You can never go wrong with picking a clean fresh neutral look for your kitchen cabinets.

There’s a reason Fixer Upper’s so popular. It allows viewers to imagine what it would be like to live in a home that epitomizes a casual warm inviting lifestyle. Show your buyers they can live the dream by picking a light airy kitchen color for the cabinets.

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