Working on a mid range profit property? You need the Investor Design Package

You know you’re killing it with your investment portfolio but interior design isn’t your jam. When it comes to getting the right look  to get buyers and renters lining up to pay top dollar, you could do with a crystal ball or a design degree. Knowing up front what finishes and colors to use would make your life SO much easier. If you knew ahead of time what would make buyers pop on your project, you could focus on the construction nitty gritty. You’ve got some ideas, but it would sure be helpful to have another pair of eyes and opinion.  What if you had a design blueprint right from the get go? With colors, finishes and design vibe all laid out for you in black, white and color. No more guessing or waiting until the last minute and grabbing what’s on sale. But if you do see a smokin’ hot deal that works with your custom design plan, you can grab it with confidence. I’ve got the answer.  My Investor Design Package will give you all the design expertise your project needs at a price that won’t break your budget.I design. You install… and save big.  Think of it as having a savvy design friend whose brain you can pick, only better. This designer hands over all the deets you need so your design choices are laid out for you. Pretty sweet!

Here’s everything you’ll get with the INVESTOR mid range Package:

  • Space Planner – upload a rough sketch and get a finished space plan
  • 2D Design Board – visual design board with furniture, decor, accessories, art, colors
  • Paint Colors Palette – custom paint color palette hand-picked using actual paint swatches
  • Furniture + Accessory Shopping List – your design board, ready to buy with a click
  • To Do List – a line item list to keep track of ordering design elements
  • One Revision – your custom design board comes with one revision if needed
  • Wrap Up Phone Consultation – get any final questions answered with a wrap up phone call

INVESTOR starts at $695. for one bedroom. Includes: All the above selections included for one living room plus one bedroom. Two bedrooms $795. three bedrooms $895.

Tessa and Hampton Redesign just designed and installed a second model home for our company.
The first model sold and closed in less than 45 days of being staged and we expect the latest to perform as well.
Everything was completed on time, on budget and as contracted. We’re very pleased with the design which was tailored to our buyer demographic and feel our company brand is well represented.
I can highly recommend Hampton Redesign’s model home design services.

Todd G.
Builder – VLMC Inc.

Why should I hire Hampton Redesign?

When you trust me with your project, you’re getting 20+ years of design, marketing and real estate savvy (I’ve passed the real estate exam in FL, CO and personally bought, flipped and sold multiple homes) and a designer who understands the process. With over 10 years staging, styling and designing model homes, I get it. I don’t have my head in a design cloud and I understand what it takes to be profitable. I pride myself on being creative and highly accountable and responsible. 70% of my design business comes through referrals. Now if you want an uber modern contemporary vibe or a ultra traditional carved in wood look, I’m probably not your designer. However if you run anywhere in between those two extremes, I can help. My personal style is warm, light and bright and doesn’t ignore trends but doesn’t follow them slavishly either.  Women influence 85% of all purchases related to the home. I’ve got the inside scoop on what they look for.  I’ll tell you about one lakeside condo model I did. Every women buyer that walked through loved it. The investor didn’t get my design at first, but after he sold out, he did 😉
I can’t say enough about Tessa Skeens and Hampton Redesign.
I am a real estate broker and we have used her for single-family resale homes as well as large condo and townhome projects. We even had one buyer that liked the home so much, he wanted to buy it with all of the furniture!
Tessa knows how to properly stage a property which has proven to help us sell much faster and for more. Staging works. Tessa and Hampton Redesign make it affordable and effective.

Graham S.

What’s In It For You?

You get to focus on what you do best without the headache of trying to be a designer too. Get the expertise you need without the usual run around of trying to find the perfect designer who can work with your schedule. You may do everything online but this part of the process. I get it. I love looking at properties and walking a project. But by focusing on just the design nuts & bolts of your property, I can save you time and money.  You get a completely custom design for each project. Saves you chasing down the wrong fixtures, buying the wrong color paint and getting frustrated waiting on someone to give you the next finish. There’s no ego here, only a workable, professional, profitable design you can run with.

How It Works

Once you decide to move forward, simply drop me some details through my online contact form.

  • Next step, we set up a 30 minute strategy call to discuss your project, pricing and scheduling.
  • Once you’re happy with the process, I’ll send you a Welcome Packet with questionnaire, instructions on how to photograph the space, measure or make a quick floor plan if needed and a payment link.
  • Once payment is made, you’ll receive confirmation and a completion date.
  • Sit back and relax. I’ll get started right away.

But What About?

What if I don’t like the design you come up with?That’s why I have a design questionnaire and strategy call, to get your input. Don’t forget you have one revision included. I’m not sure about e-Design and how it works.Not to worry. If you can read a blueprint, e-design will be second nature. You’ll view everything online in your personal design folder. If you go online to read news or get email, you got this.  Do I have to buy what you suggest?Heck no! I give you all my recommendations for your project but you have complete control over ordering what you want, when you want. There’s no obligation to buy. Plus there’s no markup on product. What you see is what you pay retail. Do you do kitchen or bathroom design?In a word, no. Your design board will give you finishes for your faucets, hardware, tile, counters and flooring. If you need cabinet selections, that can be included. Ditto for baths. However I don’t do kitchen or bath layout designs. Depending on where you buy your cabinets, you can usually get a cabinet layout for free. What about paint colors?I typically select either Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. I’ll use actual swatches to make sure the colors are true to your finishes. Your design board will include electronic swatches you use to order from.
Premier Homes hired Tessa to furnish and decorate our model home. She did a great job! I get compliments almost every day from prospective buyers stopping by to look at our homes as well as comments on how beautiful the model looks.

Janice H.
New Home Sales
Ready to get started? Great! Let’s set up a call to discuss your project.  Still have questions if this is will work for your project? Schedule a complimentary strategy call.  Not ready to move forward yet? Why don’t you sign up for my FREE Home Remodeling Costs Guide for 2018.